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Dr. Christer Silversand

Christer “Silver” Silversand is a Senior Scientist at Vitrolife. Silver is strongly committed to improving the implantation rate and the outcome of IVF treatments. He is dedicated to quality control and culture conditions and you can often hear him lecturing passionately about the importance of minimising intracellular stress during culture of human gametes and embryos.

Recent Posts

Why hyaluronan is an invaluable molecule for embryo implantation

Posted by Dr. Christer Silversand, Mar 14, 2017

Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, is a glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout our body. It is particularly abundant in the female reproductive tract, both in the oviduct and the uterus, which makes hyaluronan an important molecule for applications in assisted reproduction. In this blog I will focus on the role of hyaluronan in the process of embryo implantation.
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Topics: embryo implantation, hyaluronan

Time-lapse technology triggers new requirements on embryo culture media

Posted by Dr. Christer Silversand, Feb 24, 2016

The access to time-lapse technology has given a unique possibility to balance metabolic stress against less handling stress during embryo culture. In this blog post I will describe different culture media strategies and the rationale for using specific media for specific applications.
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Topics: Time-lapse, Embryo culture, Embryo evaluation

Embryoglue... is it really a glue?

Posted by Dr. Christer Silversand, May 18, 2015

Recent news articles have featured happy couples describing their joy of becoming parents with the help of a special “glue”. The question however is if EmbryoGlue is a magic glue or how does it actually work? 
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Topics: EmbryoGlue

How you can benefit from Time-lapse in IVF

Posted by Dr. Christer Silversand, May 13, 2015  1

Some people consider the appearance of time-lapse technology in the field of IVF a huge step forward while others dismiss it as “a hype”. Personally I am convinced about the value of using time-lapse in IVF and to me the benefits are obvious. In this blog post I will highlight and discuss some of the benefits with time-lapse.
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Topics: Time-lapse, Embryo evaluation

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