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How to improve workflow efficiency and maximise clinical outcomes in your IVF clinic [recorded symposium]

Posted by Vitrolife, Jul 6, 2017  4

During the Vitrolife Scientific Symposium at ESHRE 2017, we had the pleasure of listening to three international experts in the field of human IVF sharing their experience in laboratory management, morphokinetics and cryobiology. We are confident that information from these presentations will assist you in not only in improving your workflow, but will help you to maximise the success of each cycle of IVF performed.
Vitrolife Scientific Symposium ESHRE 2017.png

Presenters and topics

Quality and workflow efficiency - two sides of the same coin

Prof. Markus Montag, Germany

Using efficiencies from time-lapse technology to reduce the cost of IVF

Dr. Cristina Hickman, UK

Time-efficient vitrification will support workflow optimisation

Hubert Joris, Belgium


Watch Vitrolife Scientific Symposium "How to improve workflow efficiency  and maximise clinical outcomes in  your IVF clinic” 



Topics: Quality control, Time-lapse, Vitrification, ESHRE

Written by Vitrolife


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