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What happens when culture media gets warm or cold during transport?

Posted by Göran Mellbin, Jun 20, 2016  5

Culture media for IVF can go out of specification during transport for different reasons. This may be detrimental to the product, but not always. In this blog post I will explain what happens to the media when it gets too warm or too cold.
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Topics: Quality control, Support, Culture media

Is it safe to aliquot IVF media?

Posted by Dr. Ann-Helene Jakobsson, Apr 29, 2016  5

A question we often get from clinics is for how long time an opened bottle can be used. And if it is possible to aliquot and use the medium until expiry date. In this blog post I make an attempt to answer these and other related questions on safe usage of media.
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Topics: Quality control, Support, IVF-laboratory, Embryo culture

Temperature measurements and temperature control in the IVF lab are crucial for your results

Posted by Jaco Geyer, Jan 26, 2016  6

It is common practice to maintain a temperature of 37 oC during all working and culture conditions in the IVF laboratory. This will allow for an optimal environment for the handling and culture of gametes and embryos. In this blog post I will explain why temperature control in the IVF lab is crucial, what equipment to be measured, when to measure and what to do with the results.  
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Topics: Quality control, Clinic efficency, Support, IVF-laboratory

How clean is the air in your IVF lab?

Posted by Giles Palmer, Dec 8, 2015

The quality of air within an IVF lab will inevitably affect embryonic development and therefore has a critical impact on IVF success. Our guest blogger Giles Palmer is a senior clinical embryologist and Director of Assisted Conception Unit at Mitera Hospital in Greece. He has supported many IVF labs in improving the air quality. In this blog post he shares his valuable recommendations on how to secure the air quality in your IVF lab.
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Topics: Quality control, Support

Do’s and don’ts in clinical studies

Posted by Hubert Joris, Nov 30, 2015


Can you tell the difference between a validation and a clinical study? Do you know what to consider when starting a randomised controlled trial? Being author or co-author on more than 60 peer reviewed papers I have a keen interest in current regulation regarding clinical studies and will share some of my experience on conducting clinical studies in this blog post. I hope I will be able to help you sort out some of the many variables related to clinical studies and what you need to consider.
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Topics: Support

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2015

Posted by Vitrolife, Nov 9, 2015  3

ASRM – the American Society for Reproductive Medicine took place in Baltimore, USA at the end of October. Together, the Vitrolife team covered most of the scientific sessions. The programme as always covered a large variety of topics. The continued interest in the use of time-lapse in the IVF clinic was particularly evident. In this blog post we share some of the highlights in our view.
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Topics: Time-lapse, Vitrification, Support, ASRM

Vitrolife Grant awarded to Nordic scientists for project “Novel methods of assessing human embryo viability”

Posted by Vitrolife, Sep 1, 2015  2

Drs Kirstine Kirkegaard, Thorir Hardarsson and Aisling Ahlström
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Topics: Support

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2015

Posted by Vitrolife, Jun 26, 2015

Once again we have visited ESHRE, the annual meeting for European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, the biggest event in the field of IVF. Together, the Vitrolife team covered most of the sessions and listened to many interesting and sometimes provoking presentations. In this blog post we will share some of our thoughts from this year’s meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Topics: Time-lapse, Vitrification, Support

The 7 Deadly Sins of Scientific Presentations (and how to avoid them)

Posted by John Clare, Jun 2, 2015

As ESHRE is approaching, you may be getting your presentations ready. With up to 10,000 people expected to attend, how do you make your talk stand out? By making it memorable, engaging and informative. John Clare has helped thousands of physicians and researchers prepare for presentations just like this. In this blog post he will share his most important tips for how to make your presentation memorable.

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