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How to create optimal culture conditions by paying attention to quality control [webinar recording]

Posted by Vitrolife, Nov 28, 2017  1

The human embryo is extremely sensitive to stress and surrounding factors. In fact the embryonic stage is the most sensitive stage of the whole life cycle. This is why it is particularly important to use safe and non-toxic products during gamete handling and embryo culture. In this recorded webinar Dr. Christer Silversand will show how you can create optimal culture conditions by understanding the importance of extensive quality testing and using an unbroken chain of quality products.
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Some of the topics covered in this webinar

  • Stress and toxicity in IVF
  • The need for an extensive quality control program during manufacturing of medical devices for IVF, including a sensitive and reliable toxicity test, Mouse Embryo Assay
  • Vitrolife Labware for improved culture conditions


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Topics: Quality control, labware

Written by Vitrolife


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