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Together. All the way. – A blog about creating optimal conditions for successful IVF

Together. All the way. – A blog about creating optimal conditions for successful IVF
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Talking SENSE™ with Prof. William Ledger

By Vitrolife, Jun 14, 2021

The unique design of SENSE™ provides ideal conditions for optimised oocyte retrieval performance and aspiration time as well as improved patient comfort. Prof William Ledger is Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of New South Wales and Director of Reproductive Medicine at The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney. In this video, Prof Ledger shares his expertise, experience and why he has chosen to use SENSE™ follicle aspiration for all his patients.

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Why local anesthesia during oocyte retrieval is beneficial for the patient and clinic [customer story]

By Vitrolife, Mar 27, 2019

Local anesthesia combined with conscious sedation is the preferred method for oocyte retrieval at the IVF clinic Fertilitetscentrum in Sweden. Dr. Matts Wikland, MD, PhD, Associate Professor explains why.

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How heparin is used during oocyte pick-up [survey results]

By Vitrolife, Jan 30, 2017

The routine use of follicle flushing during oocyte pick-up varies a lot between clinics. If flushing is used, there are many alternative solutions. At Vitrolife we are constantly working to improve our products and services and one way of doing this is to get a better understanding of user behaviour during certain procedures. We were interested in the use of heparin during flushing and sent a survey to the IVF community. Here is the result.
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Three ways to optimise the egg collection procedure

By Dr. Göran Westlander, Nov 24, 2015

Egg collection is one of the most important steps in the IVF treatment and could also be one of the most difficult. An optimal egg collection should give the maximum amount of undamaged eggs, in a short period of time, with as little pain and anxiety as possible for the patient. Dr. Göran Westlander is the Medical Director at Livio Fertility Center Göteborg, a private IVF-clinic in Sweden. In this blog post he shares his experience on how the egg collection procedure can be optimised. 

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