Together. All the way.

Together. All the way. – A blog about creating optimal conditions for successful IVF

Together. All the way. – A blog about creating optimal conditions for successful IVF
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How different buffers during ICSI can impact the development of embryos in the IVF laboratory

Importance of CE marked medical devices in good laboratory practice

Laser application: Laser-assisted sperm viability testing

Unleashing Clinic Efficiency: Time-Lapse and its evaluation software tool’s integration

Clinical experiences from using EmbryoGlue for patients with Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF) 

The Advantages of Full Time-lapse: Insights from Embryologists at Nij Geertgen (Netherlands)

The different gases needed for gamete and embryo culture?

What is the function of a pH buffer?

Age of Antioxidants - finding their way into the IVF laboratory

Comparison of closed vs open vitrification devices

Can a culture oil improve embryo development?

Latest news in Reproductive Care - Reflections from ASRM 2021

How to monitor liquid nitrogen storage tanks in IVF

Vitrolife´s integrated approach to sustainability

How Vitrolife prepares for the new European Medical Device Regulations

Talking SENSE™ with Prof. William Ledger

Is PH correct in your embryo culture incubators?

The importance of oil in modern embryo culture

Do you know the characteristics of the perfect oil for IVF?

EmbryoGlue as a standard of care

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2020

Lactate and Embryos – a new perspective

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2020

iDAScore® - The Future of AI-based Embryo Evaluation

Current and Future Trends in PGT-A - Incorporating PGT-A into the IVF Journey [webinar recording]

Vitrolife Genomics: A busy year and exciting developments in PGT-A

Memoriam for Prof Michelle Lane

The value of a true partnership – a story from Aleris-Hamlet Fertility, Copenhagen, Denmark

We Love Symbols

New publication: Automatic grading of human blastocysts from time-lapse imaging

Amino Acids and ART

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2019

The road to successful ICSI

Do you know the different laser applications? Here are 4 ways to use your laser in the IVF lab

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2019

Optimising transfer outcome with the use of EmbryoGlue [webinar recording]

20 years on – Reflections on Hyaluronan

EmbryoScope use – a sneaky glimpse at the UK

Thoughts and reflections from PGDIS 2019

Why local anesthesia during oocyte retrieval is beneficial for the patient and clinic [customer story]

How traditional grading, PGT and time-lapse complement each other

The genomics revolution in IVF is here to stay

Making the right choice - the importance of streamlined embryo evaluation [webinar recording]

Supplementing IVF culture media with albumin – what is the big deal?

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2018

PGT-A and mosaicism - the good, the bad and the ugly

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2018

Time-lapse significantly improves live birth rates and reduces early pregnancy loss rates

Recap from the 2018 ALPHA conference

Is it necessary to collapse blastocysts before vitrification?

Don’t glance over the glossary - you might miss a new acronym

Time-lapse and PGS in combination for a shorter time to pregnancy [customer story]

Quality and workflow efficiency - two sides of the same coin

How to create optimal culture conditions by paying attention to quality control [webinar recording]

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2017

Congratulations to a true embryo advocate

How to secure precision and improve workflows in laser procedures [customer story]

How to prepare dishes for optimal osmolality during embryo culture

How to save time and secure good results in vitrification [webinar recording]

Maintaining correct temperature in the culture system [customer story]

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2017

How to improve workflow efficiency and maximise clinical outcomes in your IVF clinic [recorded symposium]

Time-lapse and PGS – better together [webinar recording]

Practical considerations when introducing PGT in your IVF clinic

Good fertilisation rates require high quality sperm

Our best tips & tricks for successful vitrification

Why hyaluronan is an invaluable molecule for embryo implantation

Help your patients understand their treatment using time-lapse images

How heparin is used during oocyte pick-up [survey results]

Oxygen: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

Considerations for embryo culture at high altitude

Recap from ASRM 2016 

Which temperature is optimal for vitrification and why?

The language of embryology is evolving – a guide to understanding time-lapse nomenclature

Reducing time to live birth by optimising culture conditions

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2016

This is how you use annotations in your time-lapse software [results from survey]

What happens when culture media gets warm or cold during transport?

Why you should only use IVF certified plastics

Recap from the 2016 Alpha conference

Is it safe to aliquot IVF media?

This is why consistent annotation is the basis for improved embryo evaluation

How to ensure embryo viability in your culture system

Time-lapse technology triggers new requirements on embryo culture media

Temperature measurements and temperature control in the IVF lab are crucial for your results

A tribute to Peter Mazur – a pioneer in cryobiology

Are PGS and PGD here to stay? This is what the IVF community thinks

How clean is the air in your IVF lab?

Do’s and don’ts in clinical studies

Three ways to optimise the egg collection procedure

Thoughts and reflections from ASRM 2015

Social Egg Freezing: why, who and when?

Does slowfreezing still have a role in cryopreservation in assisted reproduction?

How to secure your culture system when introducing a new type of culture media

Vitrolife Grant awarded to Nordic scientists for project “Novel methods of assessing human embryo viability”

How a decision support tool based on known implantation data can enhance embryo selection

Thoughts and reflections from ESHRE 2015

The 7 Deadly Sins of Scientific Presentations (and how to avoid them)

Welcome to the Vitrolife blog!

Embryoglue... is it really a glue?

How you can benefit from Time-lapse in IVF

Succeed with vitrification - 3 factors that will influence your result

Does your clinic conform with EU safety directives? Our products do.

The importance of manufacturing and quality control for high quality product performance

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