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By Vitrolife, Aug 8, 2017

Maintaining correct temperature in the culture system [customer story]

“Maintaining the correct temperature is a critical environmental factor for gametes and embryos and needs to be carefully monitored. You must be aware of confounders as hot and cold spots on warming plates, laminar hood or ventilation flows and open or closed lid to ensure a safe working temperature”, says Jan Gunst, clinical embryologist at the public IVF clinic at AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges, Belgium. Watch his story here.

Complying with the European Cell and Tissue Directive

The IVF lab at AZ Sint-Jan was one of the first centres in Belgium to be in compliance with the European Cell and Tissue Directive. One of the requirements in this directive is to use products that are CE-marked for IVF.

Vitrolife Labware provides temperature control

Jan and his colleagues introduced the Vitrolife Labware range of pipettes, tubes and dishes many years ago after careful investigation of potential manufacturers.

One of the reasons were their CE-marking for IVF, but the most most decisive reason, according to Jan, was the unique design of dishes with a uniform heat transfer which improves temperature calibration and distribution and ultimately leads to a controlled culture environment.

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Learn more about plastics and their role in IVF

Senior Specialist Göran Mellbin at Vitrolife has written a white paper where he gives a comprehensive overview of different types of plastics, how they are made and used in IVF and what to think about to secure that you use safe plastics in your IVF lab.

Download white paper about the  use of plastic equipment in IVF

Topics: Embryo culture & transfer

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