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By Dr. Christer Silversand, May 18, 2015

Embryoglue... is it really a glue?

Recent news articles have featured happy couples describing their joy of becoming parents with the help of a special “glue”. The question however is if EmbryoGlue is a magic glue or how does it actually work? 

Developed to mimic the female body

Although it would be fantastic with a magic glue, as a scientist and researcher I must unfortunately reveal the truth – EmbryoGlue is a medium exclusively developed to mimic the conditions in the female uterus in order to help embryos implant after transfer. Maybe not a magic glue - but a lot of babies born!

Hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin makes the difference

EmbryoGlue is an implantation-promoting medium used when transferring the fertilised embryo back to the woman during an IVF treatment. EmbryoGlue contains a unique combination of high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and recombinant human albumin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in the body, including in the uterus, and its concentration increases in the uterus at the time of implantation. In addition to the implantation promoting effect, recombinant human albumin also guarantees safety for the woman.

The most effective and documented implantation promoting medium

EmbryoGlue has been used in IVF-clinics around the world since 2003. It is the most documented embryo transfer medium specifically developed to promote implantation and has in several studies been shown to increase live birth rates.

Using EmbryoGlue increases take-home baby rate

The independent research network Cochrane Collaboration has in a meta-analysis shown that when using EmbryoGlue for transfer, there was an overall increase of 8% in both pregnancy rate and live birth rate. 

Download white paper to learn more

One of my colleagues, Senior Embryologist Brett Glazar, has written a white paper describing the mechanisms behind EmbryoGlue and how such great results can be achieved using this transfer medium. Click to download his paper and enjoy the reading!

Download white paper

Topics: Embryo culture & transfer

Written by Dr. Christer Silversand

Christer “Silver” Silversand is a Senior Scientist at Vitrolife. Silver is strongly committed to improving the implantation rate and the outcome of IVF treatments. He is dedicated to quality control and culture conditions and you can often hear him lecturing passionately about the importance of minimising intracellular stress during culture of human gametes and embryos.

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