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By Vitrolife, Jan 19, 2018

Time-lapse and PGS in combination for a shorter time to pregnancy [customer story]

EmbryoScope time-lapse system is used in combination with preimplantation genetic testing at IVF Riga. Medical Director Dr. Violeta Fodina says that this makes it possible to select only the best embryos for genetic testing, thereby reducing the time to pregnancy and delivery of a child. Watch her story here. 

Advanced IVF clinic 

IVF Riga is the largest clinic in Latvia, performing a total number of approximately 1500 cycles per year. In addition to the IVF clinic, there is also a genetic reproductive lab as well as a recently opened stem cell centre. All in one building. 

The Medical Director, Dr. Fodina, is a gynecologist and obstetrics specialist who has devoted more than 15 years to helping people become parents. 

Many advantages with EmbryoScope 

Dr. Fodina and her team have been using EmbryoScope time-lapse system since 2013 and see many good reasons for using it in their daily routine;

  • The protective embryo environment
  • Ability to discover abnormal embryo development patterns that are not possible with regular microscope checks
  • Use algorithms to predict which embryo to transfer
  • Possibility to define the correct time for embryo biopsy and PGS
  • Possibility to follow embryo development from a remote location


Watch full story

Learn more about why time-lapse and PGS are better together

Time-lapse and PGS can be used together to offer the best overall possibility for improving outcomes and clinical workflow. Watch this 20 minutes recorded webinar to learn how.  

Watch webinar


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