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By Vitrolife, May 18, 2015

Welcome to the Vitrolife blog!

Why a blog? Our world today is on-line. We see this as an opportunity of fast and transparent communication and believe a blog is a unique way of sharing our knowledge, experience and to create a dialogue. A blog post is a perfect format for topics to be discussed, analysed and shared. We have a great deal that we would like to share with you, and we also look forward to you sharing your knowledge with us.

Why Vitrolife?

Vitrolife was founded about 20 years ago, when the field of assisted reproduction was still young. We have seen a lot of hard work and research innovations over the years, making IVF what it is today. We are proud to say that we have played an active part in driving some of these innovations by being a company committed to research and quality manufacturing. Through our network of scientific collaborators around the globe, we continually gain new insight into developments in the field of IVF. We would like to share this knowledge and experience with you as an IVF professional.

What is in it for you?

You will get to know Vitrolife people and learn from their experience within research, support, product development, quality assurance and much more. There will also be guest bloggers from the IVF community who will share their views, knowledge and experience. Our subtitle for the blog is “A blog about creating optimal conditions for successful IVF” and this is indeed our aim. We hope that knowledge shared here, together, will contribute to successful IVF in your clinic.

How do you stay updated?

You might have come across our blog through a newsletter, our website or one of our social media channels – and we welcome you. The best way to be sure you never to miss a new blog post is by subscribing to our blog. Simply use the subscription function to the right on this page.

Welcome - we hope you will enjoy our blog!

Topics: IVF community insights, Managing your IVF clinic

Written by Vitrolife


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