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By Vitrolife, Oct 20, 2017

How to secure precision and improve workflows in laser procedures [customer story]

Lab Director and co-owner Dr. Oliver Sterthaus at Fertisuisse in Switzerland built a completely new IVF clinic in 2014 with his colleagues. When setting up the new lab, convenience and workflow were important factors, and therefore they decided to use the dynamic Octax NaviLase laser system for all laser procedures. Watch his story here. 

Focus on the patient

Dr. Sterthaus and his colleagues are practicing integrative medicine which means they have several physicians for different areas, including psychosomatic counselling and counselling teams for patients with overweight. This way of working helps the team to be as patient specific as possible and focus on the aim of one healthy single baby per couple. 

Modern lab with a laser system that improves workflow

One of the reason for choosing Octax NaviLase laser system for the brand new lab was the convenience factor. “I think it is the only one so far where you can just sit down and go for your treatment because it is calibration free”, says Dr. Sterthaus.

With the Adaptive Electronic Condenser, you are always working under optimal image quality and do not need to manually adjust the settings. “These condensers are really robust and as soon as you switch an objective the condenser will just switch automatically. This feature will change the microscope into a semi-automatic microscope which is quite nice because in this way you really have time to make a good picture”, he says.

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