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By Vitrolife, Aug 25, 2017

How to save time and secure good results in vitrification [webinar recording]

How to save time and secure good results in vitrification_blog.png

Vitrification has in recent years become the cryopreservation method of choice, with high survival rates and developmental potential of oocytes and embryos similar to fresh ones. Yet there are challenges to overcome, both for the oocyte and embryo and for the embryologist. In this recorded webinar Dr. Ann-Helene Jakobsson will give you insight into how to succeed with vitrification. 

Some of the topics covered in this webinar

  • The challenges in vitrification and how to overcome them
  • The optimal temperature for vitrification
  • Practical tips & tricks
  • Results from vitrification with Rapid-i Vitrification System

Watch webinar

Topics: Vitrification

Written by Vitrolife

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